The girl

15 May 2014
Hello to all of you people who for some strange reason (boredom, most likely) want to learn a little bit about me! I am going to try very hard to not make this section sound like a personals ad - please stop me if it does!

My name is Margaret, but a lot of people call me Sidny or Sid (Basically, fifteen-year-old me hated my real name, and I randomly picked a name that I loved and started using it online. When my online friends became my real life friends, it stuck. I didn't decide that I would start using my real name again until around three years ago, which probably confuses just about everyone in the world). I am thirty years old, born on November 26th 1983. That makes me a Sagittarius, and I think I pretty much fit my astrological description - we crave adventure and excitement and welcome change with open arms.Yes. Yes, I do. In fact, I often think that I like change a little too much. I actually recently made my roommate switch bedrooms with me, because I needed something different so that I didn't feel trapped. I'm sure this is probably a diagnosable mental condition that I am afflicted with - but I refuse to find out, and keep telling myself that it's normal to change the living room furniture around on a monthly basis, or to have fourteen addresses in the span of ten years.

I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I only lived there until I was five. I consider a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania called Tafton to be "home" (side-note: You know your town is tiny when its Wikipedia page contains six whole sentences about it). Home was quiet and peaceful, but pretty boring when you're a young person growing up. That said, I would absolutely love to settle down in a town like it.

I spent two years living in Philadelphia and going to Temple University (Go Owls!). I dropped out to move to Tennessee, though, and spent about three years living there, before heading to southern New Jersey, where I spent just over five years. I attended Camden County College for two years while I was there - and no, I still do not have a degree. I do however feel richer and smarter not just for what I learned academically in two college setting, but for the experiences that I have had. After a huge ordeal, I ended up moving to Maryland's Eastern Shore, where I currently happily reside. I have spent the last eleven years (minus a brief stint) working for the same big box retailer. Seven locations thus far, in four different states - and I don't think I'm done moving yet!

My life is quiet and calm, and my current town reminds me very much of the area where I grew up (minus the mountains). I share a small house and a big yard with my two adorable small dogs (Madden and Champ - they have my heart) and currently four rescue cats - Oscar, Sawyer, Taylor and Sully - all of whom are positive for Feline Leukemia. I recently got a roommate as well, so we basically spend our non-working hours making each other watch shows on Netflix, and crocheting.