09 February 2011


It's funny... I tend to have so much to say, but when I try to sit down and write a blog, I am always at such a loss for words. Right now, the biggest thing on my mind is Taylor. Crazy how someone you've never met can touch your life so damn much. I rarely pray. But I pray for Taylor. I don't know why her illness affects me so much. I mean, I've known her for about seven years now I guess (hooray for Livejournal!), so she is someone I have watched grow up. But I think it's more than that. I think it's the realization that this could happen to anyone. At any time. My mom had cancer, but she was in her fifties when she was diagnosed and passed away (still young, but a little easier to wrap your head around).

Twenty-two years old. And she's been diagnosed for three and a half years now. It makes one question so much. She's a good kid, full of life and happiness, humble, and happy. Why her? I guess it's not for us to ask or to know. From what I've heard and read, Taylor doesn't ask "why me?" Instead she thanks God for the miracles He has bestowed upon her. According to the doctors, she was supposed to die shortly after being diagnosed. But she's proved them wrong, time and time again. And now, every breath she takes is a gift. Heaven forbid, if I am ever in a situation like Taylor's, I pray for even an ounce of the strength, kindness, wisdom, and humility that she has.

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