20 May, 2019

hello, dear blog

Oh how I've missed you, little blog!

I can't pinpoint why I have been absent, really... life has been hectic between work, home, and my new little side gig (here: Pawsitively in Stitches). I already went through and made a handful of updates on some of my sub-pages, but need to update more. It's amazing how different my pages about the cats and dogs will be now. I have three cats and two dogs who aren't listed on the pages yet, have sadly lost three of the cats that were on there (I added death dates to their little bios because I couldn't bare to delete them completely). I even had two more cats in the meantime who have both since passed. 

I know I say it every time I disappear and come back... but I really do plan on coming back and staying a while again. I miss my free therapy of writing. I miss connecting with other people in this format. I just miss words.

To make you smile, enjoy some semi-recent pictures of the dogs, including our two "new" additions - Spencer the Canaan dog and Abby the Shih Tzu mix.

08 August, 2018


It's been over a month since I have written anything here, and you would think that meant that I was working hard on the other writing venture I had going on - but alas, my mind has been pretty broken when it comes to writing lately. Shortly after I wrote my last entry here, I got sick - nothing major, just a really rotten cold, where I felt downright miserable for about two weeks. I lost my voice for a bit of the time - something I don't remember ever happening to me before - and I just felt downright awful. I had no spark of imagination whatsoever during this period, and somehow haven't managed to get it back since. I've gone through a month and a half or so of feeling like I am doing nothing more than existing - even though work has been busy, and has brought on new challenges - I just feel like I have been drifting through life, and I really need to change that.

Admittedly, my life is pretty dull right now - the only thing going on really is that I am taking vacation in late September. Tori and I - and hopefully Heather as well - are planning a trip to New England, mostly centering around Salem, Massachusetts. I have been working loads of overtime at work and am excited that I will be able to really enjoy my vacation time and not worry about money while I am there!

Oh, and I adopted a puppy last month! I say puppy loosely - he was born in December, so he was about seven months when I got him, but he dwarfs all of my dogs, so it's hard to look at him as a puppy. He's a Canaan Dog mix, rescued from Jordan, originally from Iran. He's smart, but gosh does he like playing with cats, and gosh is he rambunctious. The older dogs aren't sure how to take him, and the cats are really not sure how to take him - but he's getting better and more adjusted. I just wish I had a huge fenced in yard to let him burn off more of that energy in - but I really think he will be a nice dog when he calms down and loses that crazy puppy energy!

24 June, 2018


I feel like I have been absent from this space for such a long time - when in reality, it's been about a week. Life has been good - I have changed positions at work, and feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. There is still the desire to do a good job, to work hard, to be the best that I can be (and this time there is a team depending on me to do my part), but it's less nonsense than I dealt with before, and I really feel like I made the best decision for myself, at the best time possible. The schedule is slightly earlier (I am working 6AM-3PM this week, as opposed to the 7AM-4PM I have been on for the last year or so, but my regular schedule will be 5AM-2PM). Time is absolutely flying by at work, partly because I get out so early, I'm sure, and partly because of the less-stress.

My home life lately has consisted of inter-mixing all of my cats, and ending the quarantine of the vaccinated cat, so she can enjoy time in the entire house rather than being stuck in my room for the rest of her life. Other than some occasional hissing and head-whacking on all sides, the transition has been fairly smooth and uneventful. It has also been interesting because I decided to sleep with my bedroom door open at this point, to let all of the cats come and go as they please, to see who ends up in bed with me at night. It's always the three dogs, but now my fluffy girl Stella is usually in bed, as is Harlow. I forgot how much those two loved to be close to me, and feel like I have been a bad pet parent since I have been quarantining certain ones (before Zelda came along, Gabby and Stella were stuck in the bathroom with us with their upper respiratory infections - this is our first non-quarantine period in months!). Now, everyone is getting a lot more attention, and I feel less guilty about spending time with certain ones who needed it (because they were sick, or were babies).

As far as my absence on here is concerned... I have still been writing, just working on a different project. I need to be better about blogging, still, but I have had words pouring out of me for something else I have always wanted to do - a thirty-ish year dream that I am finally putting into action (here goes nothing!).

Wish me luck! On the new job, the pets all getting along, the writing venture...

17 June, 2018


Today, I asked my Facebook friends to pray or send out positive vibes into the universe, in an attempt to help me find my direction in life. I believe in signs - I have seen too many things not to, to be frank - and I got one as clear as day this evening. You know it's a sign when it literally says "this is your sign." It doesn't get much clearer than that...

Working on accomplishing some dreams... here goes nothing!

16 June, 2018

What's been going on

In case it wasn't evident, I have opted to cut my "thirty day writing challenge" short. I found that I wasn't writing anything substantial with it, but it did get me up and writing every day. I just need to find the motivation to continue to do that now, without strange writing prompts.

My last few days at home have consisted of trying to get all of the cats to get along. I finally decided it was time to end the quarantine with the two youngest, and just kind of hope for the best. Some growling and hissing has been going on since, but everyone is starting to come around. The two little ones still head to my room at night, and climb into bed with me and the boyfriend and the dogs. Most of the others don't seem to realized that sleeping with us is an option - they tried so hard to sneak in the bedroom when we would leave the door closed, and now that it is open all of the time, they are far less interested.

On the work front, the new position is fun, but tiring. Things haven't really kicked off much yet, but it's gearing up to be a busy summer! I walked over twenty-five thousand steps the other day, when I was alone in my position, and was exhausted by the time I came home. I need to get myself eating right again, and I am willing to bet that the pounds will just be falling off over the summer - I just need to convince myself that donuts are not delicious, and start eating more fruit instead.

This coming week may consist of a quick there-and-back-in-one-day trip to New Jersey to visit one of my best friends. The thing is - when someone needs help, you just figure out how to make it happen. I am going to bring cleaning supplies, and help her deep-clean her house. I am attempting to enlist another friend to come help us, but if not - we got this! I have been there... I have been so deep in the throes of depression that I cant even brush my hair, and end up with a matted mess at the end of the week. And the worse you get, the worse you feel about yourself, and you just get worse and worse and worse until you feel yourself spiraling out of control, unable to save yourself. I have been there so many times... and if I can help someone else fix it? I will help them, dammit!