24 April 2012

ear infection

I have not written in quite some time, as I had no internet connection. For quite some time. Now, I sort of have internet (stealing it through my phone - wish I had known I could do this a long time ago!), and am thrilled to bits about it.

Today I am home from school and work, with the most painful infection in my ear. I didn't think it was possible to be in this much pain. I've been hurting for about four or five days (though the infection in this ear flares up every couple of weeks or months, starting last summer). Yesterday I finally made it to a clinic, and was told that I have a really bad ear infection (obviously), and was put on two weeks worth of antibiotics, and told to take a lot of ibuprofen, plus put drops in my ear, and treat the psoriasis that I have apparently developed behind my ear and in a few other spots. I thought the infection in the ear was causing the dry flaky skin behind it; turns out it was the other way around. The psoriasis is aggrevating the ear, causing it to become painful and inflamed. Oh, my luck.

The last few days I have moreorless spent lying in bed (well, on my mattress that I have put on the middle of the living room floor so that I can snuggle with the dogs and cats and watch movies to make me feel better). Aside from the hour or so I was out yesterday to go to the doctor and pick up my medicine (though I didn't drive, because I was in so much pain that getting behind the wheel of a car seemed like an awful idea), I've pretty much lounged at home in pajamas, watching kids' movies, which always tend to make me feel better.

I need to write in here more. I quite suck at it, though.

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  1. Aww that sounds terrible *hugs* =( Here's hoping that it goes away quickly with the antibiotics!