25 May 2014

Detox Baths

My bath fixin's!
In my quest toward weight loss, fitness, and all-around better health, I recently stumbled onto the idea of taking a detoxifying bath. I am generally fairly skeptical of such things, but figured that it probably couldn't hurt.

I found a recipe and instructions over here, and decided to give it a try.

I figured that the day after my period last month would be a perfect time to do it. I mean, if it really works, what better time to clean out my system? I used about two big handfuls of the epsom salt, an entire box of baking soda, and probably around a teaspoon of ground ginger. I sat in the tub for a long time, reading and relaxing. It may just have been in my head, but it made me feel better. As it says on the website, it does make the tub a little bit slippery - be careful! It made my skin feel nice and smooth as well. I just all around felt better.

This month, I decided to try it again. Same recipe as before, except a little bit more ginger. I again waited until my period was over, in the hopes of releasing some lingering "yuck" from my body, and making me feel good again. I felt amazing.

It may all be in my head. I may think that I am supposed to feel better, and therefore feel better just for thinking that I am supposed to. Baths are relaxing as a general rule, so it could just be that I felt better for no other reason than I took a nice hot bath. It could be because I was so tired after a four-day week of working twelve-hour shifts that anything would have made me feel better. I have no idea if this actually pulls any toxins out of your body. I just know that after doing this bath, I have felt better.

My plan is to try this bath at least once each month - possibly more if I feel up to it (or feel like forking out a decent amount of money on ginger - that stuff is pricey!).

Give it a try, and let me know what you think!


  1. I need to try this for sure. Need to melt that stress away!

    1. Yes! It is really nice! It says you can also add essential oils of your choice, depending on what you want. Some lavender for calming, perhaps. I've not tried this - I have no idea where I would but essential oils.