05 May 2014

Exciting week coming up!

I work the next three days (my current work schedule is AMAZING. Three days on/three days off. Granted, the three days on are twelve hours day, but it means my time goes days off feels like mini vacations. It is, indeed, one more reason to love the company that I work for!). On Friday, I have some things to do around the house - including cleaning the living room, scrubbing my bathroom, cleaning up my bedroom a little bit, mopping the kitchen, and making pretzel salad (I had never discovered the wonder that is pretzel salad until this weekend at the Amish Market in the next town over. Basically, it is heavenly). Friday night I will be taking the roommate out to dinner. We haven't decided where yet, but his birthday is on Wednesday, so I told him I will take him out on Friday for dinner. We may go to Fisherman's Inn. We love it there. It's fairly pricey, but it's good. He argues that it's too expensive, but I point out that it's a special occasion, and he just shrugs.

Next Saturday, FUN THINGS WILL HAPPEN! I just can't put them into writing yet (look for a post on Saturday evening or Sunday... perhaps including pictures).

I work Monday/Tuesday next week, and then get three days off. Hooray for a two-day work week, because of switching days with another one of the managers (it means I will have to work four days on my next rotation, but it will be entirely worth it!). WHY will it be worth it? Because I get to see Thom Shepherd on Wednesday, May 14th and possibly Friday, May 16th as well (trying to find out whether the show on the 16th is private. It's at a yacht club, so I don't know). Pretty freaking excited. Just saying.

And, in honor of my excitement, here's some Thom Shepherd for your listening pleasure!


  1. That is a pretty awesome schedule. Three days off in a row would be super. 12 hour days though? Thumbs down. Nine is long enough for me!

    1. Let me tell you... having three off in a row COMPLETELY makes up for the three working days being twelve hours. I don't start to fall apart until around four PM on day three. And for those last four hours, I am relatively worthless. lol