04 January 2015

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

I am several days late in writing all of this, and actually intended to do a year-end wrap up somewhere around the 30th of December, but as is my life, things did not go as planned. I could spend forever writing out all of the things I did this year in extreme detail, but instead, I will give just some of the highlights.

  • I got my first-ever pair of eyeglasses. They're only for nighttime driving, but they are glasses nonetheless.
  • I had this adorable blog designed by the always wonderful Melanie. She has recently started a new site, so make sure you check out Melanie Anne Creative.
  • I started a weight loss journey, and dropped around fifty pounds. Sadly, that all happened in the earlier part of the year, and I have since gained back about twenty of those pounds. But I am back on track now, and trying to get back into the beautiful habits that I was in before.
  • I punched someone. I know this shouldn't make my list of awesome moments from 2014, but it does. And here's why: I was attacked by a customer at work, and I fought back. I punched them once, hard, solid, right in their face. I had never punched anyone before, and viewed myself rather as kind of a weakling, despite my large size. But I punched this guy. I mean, really let him have it. And it was at that moment that I knew I could take care of myself. It was shortly thereafter that I knew I wanted to move back to Nashville. Because if the person there who still had this unspoken power over me showed up? Well, I could just deck him.
  • I spent a good deal of time back home over the summer. A lovely work schedule was great for that! There was a week or so I spent home at one point when I was on vacation, and I LOVED that I got to take my nieces and nephew to the zoo, and mini golfing, and out for ice cream.
  • I had a gallbladder attack in September - it was the first major health issue I have had, and it absolutely scared the hell out of me.
  • I got to attend my nephew's 18th birthday party.
  • In late September/early October, I called my friend Adele and told her we were going on a trip. We took a four day/three night excursion, and I FINALLY got to check Maine and Rhode Island off of my list of states to visit. I have now officially seen every state east of the Mississippi.
  • In mid-October, I got to visit Nashville, if only for a weekend. It was amazing, and beautiful, and even just crossing the state line into Tennessee made me tear up. And then seeing the Nashville skyline? Oh, I cried! I got to see Little Big Town get inducted into the Grand Ole Opry. And those moments? They were amazing.
  • In late October, I became a Jamberry consultant. This has seriously been the best thing I could possibly have done! Granted, I still have a very long way to go... I am so excited about all of the opportunities that have opened up for me, and for all of the things I can now do. It is so amazing to feel really passionate about something.
  • I got to go home for Christmas and spend the day with family. It was my first year not getting to spend it with my nieces, as their mother now has custody, but it was okay. I got to take my older niece to dinner and a movie the following evening, and have breakfast with both nieces two days after Christmas. My brother Joe LOVED his Christmas presents I had gotten him, and that absolutely made my day.
  • I spent the last day of the year having gallbladder surgery. Goodbye, you fickle friend! The surgery was scheduled, and went off without any complications. I was home the same day. I was in more pain after the surgery than I thought I would be, and am still a little sore a few days later, but it's getting better every day.


  1. Woohoo!

    I need to quit slacking and start blogging more. :-/