23 November 2016

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday shouts-outs

While everyone is out shopping in the next few days for things to make their homes festive, for Christmas gifts, for things to improve themselves in the new year... I thought, what better way than to support small business owners and direct sales consultants? I, for one, would rather support someone paying their way through college, or a mom trying to make ends meet, than to put more money into huge corporations.

And so, in the spirit of Holiday goodness, here are some places that I would love for you to shop this holiday season! I will be adding to the lists as I find more friends who sell their goods. Support small business this holiday season! I know I will be!

Note: For some direct sales companies, I have multiple friends who sell them. I couldn't choose who to link to for this, so I linked to more than one. I am also very proud to say that I personally know all of the lovely, talented, hardworking people who I am linking to here!

Etsy shops/Handmade goodies/Creative outlets:

Stacy Surman Designs on Etsy. Hand-stamped jewelry
Something Bookish Crafts on Etsy. Bookmarks, pens and more!

Books written by people I know:

Stealing the Groom: A Stealing the Heart Novel by Sonya Weiss. On Kindle or in paperback. Also check out her other books!
The God Child: The Time Grows Near by Calvert Koerber. An adventure/fantasy book.

Direct Sales Companies:

Thirty-One: Margaret Ayres
Rodan + Fields: Coley McCabe
Rodan + Fields: Erin Shafer
Younique: Sarah McNamara
Lularoe: Caitlyn Foutz
Lularoe: Nicole Coultas
Usborne Books & More: Nicole Dardis
Scentsy: Christina Gist
Damsel in Defense: Alyssa Salazar

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