02 January 2011

Goals for the New Year

Most people have been making resolutions for the new year. I have decided that I am not particularly thrilled with the word resolution, so I will instead make a few GOALS for 2011. Randomly, here they are:
  1. Continue to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in school
  2. Visit New York City, at least once
  3. Visit Washington DC again - and take a ton of photos!
  4. Walk around Philadelphia, and check out some of the cool historical and tourist stuff
  5. Make decisions about what four-year Universities to apply to for Fall 2012
  6. Learn how to maximize the results that I get from my DSLR camera
  7. Take the puppy to parks and other fun outings, particularly over the summer
  8. Get to at least one or two concerts this year
  9. Acquire a passport, just in case the desire to drive up to Ontario overtakes me
  10. Spend at least a few days in Nashville, visiting old friends
  11. Blog at least once per week
  12. Read at least twelve novels - one per month - and document them on the blog
  13. Make one new good friend
  14. Become more proficient at speaking Spanish
  15. Learn to better manage my money
  16. Procrastinate less
  17. Fix up my car, so that I can hopefully trade it in for something nicer early next year
  18. Ride in a limo
  19. Set foot in the ocean - doesn't matter which ocean. Any ocean will do, but the Atlantic seems most feasible
  20. Find really good blogs to follow
  21. Stop cursing so much
  22. Become more crafty
  23. Train the dog to do tricks - or at least to listen
  24. Visit the Philadelphia Zoo at least twice
  25. Spend more time out doing stuff, and less time sitting home wishing I was out doing stuff


  1. Well... If you make it to Ontario you have to make your way to Nova Scotia! I totally have a pull-out couch. :-) And, we're right on the coast so you can definitely step foot in the atlantic while you're here.

  2. Sweeeet! I wonder how far of a drive it would be from here to Halifax. Ridiculously far, I'm sure... but I could map out random things to do along the way!

  3. #21 made me snort my drink.

  4. Jen... it's terrible! It's gotten even worse than it used to be, if you can believe that! Oh man, it's like a disease. :-/