01 January 2011

New year; New blog!

I intended to start a blog at the start of the year and, as with all other aspects of my life, I waited until the very last minute to even think about getting it set up. That's how I roll, I guess. I intend to write on this blog on at least a weekly basis. I've attempted to blog a lot in the past, but wanted something public, particularly since people have told me lately that my stories are fairly comedic; hopefully this blog will be comedic as well.

For my first blog on this site, I thought I would post a few random truths about myself.
  1. I very rarely use my real first name - only when I have to sign something important, or at school since it is too difficult to explain to people why I want to be called Sidny, because they always ask dumb questions about where I got SIDNY out of MARGARET. I have gotten used to responding to both, but prefer Sid or Sidny. A lot.
  2. I am crazy about my dog. She is absolutely the most important little "person" in my life, and I adore her. She is this wiry little black mutt, who has cost me an arm and a leg with her ridiculous antics (namely a broken leg), but she absolutely lights up my life. Her name is Madden, and you will probably hear a lot about her if you stick around.
  3. In addition to being a nut about my dog, I have three cats, who I am slightly less nuts about, but whom I also love a whole lot. Their names are Karly, Penelope and Kenzie. It appears as though Kenzie may be pregnant at this point, after running outside one day while I was walking Madden. I realize this makes me an awful kitty-mom, but I will have her fixed after she has this litter, and am already lining up homes for the potential little bugger.
  4. If I had a bigger place to live, I'd have more kitties and puppies. But alas, I have finally convinced myself that four animals is plenty. One day, though, I will have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I'm kind of obsessed with their adorableness.
  5. My job, while far from perfect, keeps me amused. While my life goal is not to stay in my current position or career type (retail. So stressful), I have a ball at work a lot of the time, due to the hilarious people that I work with.
  6. This past semester, I went back to school. About five years ago, I had attended college for two years, took a ton of basic classes, and then dropped out to move to Tennessee. The move was a brilliant idea, but I never got back to school - until this semester. I enrolled at the local community college, and am an elementary education major. I somehow managed to pull off a 3.75 GPA in my first semester, while going to school full-time and working full-time. Perhaps I'm smarter than I gave myself credit for. I intend on minoring in Spanish, with eventual plans to either teach Spanish, or teach kids who are native Spanish-speakers.
  7. Many times, I make jokes that other people don't understand. I often forget that people will not understand my reference to literary icons (I referred to someone as a "Boo Radley" once, and got a blank stare in return). My jokes about places, Biblical stories, or telling someone that my boss was taking an ESL class at college were lost on the people that they were intended for. Luckily, my best friend understands ninety-nine percent of my references, and humors me by chuckling at them.
  8. Sometimes I watch movies that I know will make me cry, just to make the tears fall. I think that probably means that I am out of my mind, but I have accepted this.
  9. I have lived in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Tennessee. I have traveled to twenty-eight states, plus Washington DC. I am open to moving just about anywhere in the country once I am finished with school. I will go wherever the job market takes me.
  10. "Pushing Daisies," "Early Edition," "Lois & Clark," and "Touched By An Angel" are amongst my favorite shows. If you notice, none of these shows air anymore. I refuse to pay for cable, and instead resort to watching some of these shows on DVD. I intend on acquiring more seasons of my favorites. Who needs cable?!
  11. I ramble incessantly, can bullshit a paper or essay with the best of them, and wait until the last minute to do anything.

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  1. Welcome back to blogging! Perhaps we can keep eachother motivated, one of my resolutions is to blog weekly. :-)