07 January 2011

hoorah for snow!

I woke up this morning to snow, and am pretty happy about the prettiness of it, but not happy about the fact that if this keeps up, I may have a hard time getting to and from work tomorrow. Today is no problem, but tomorrow might be annoying. This can not be good. It looks really pretty, though.

Upon arriving home last night, and snuggling with the kitties who I had left home for three days (they had a babysitter who stopped in daily to feed them, talk to them, and entertain them with sarcastic jokes), I discovered that Kenzie's pregnancy is really starting to show! I am estimating her to be about five or six weeks pregnant, which means we should have kittens in three to five weeks, at the most. Pretty exciting! It didn't help that I then went insane checking out Cute Overload, and squeeing over pictures of adorable little baby kittens! I am lucky in that two people have already said that they want kittens, and I am trying to convince my brother to convince my dad that they need a cat for mousing purposes on their property. I am not sure how well that will go over, since my dad still never got over the fact that someone brought a puppy home four years ago, and he was not thrilled with my puppy being there this week... but a primarily outdoor kitty, who could have a really awesome bed set-up in the garage might be okay for them. Once the babies are born, I am going to be absolutely obsessed, and take loads of pictures of them. I have a feeling there are going to be five, so I am hoping to have another adoptive home or two planned out in advance - though pictures of squishy little newborn baby kitties might convince some people that they need a kitty. We shall hope for that. Because God knows I can't keep another critter. But I don't know... because if I end up with an orange little girl, or a cute black and white girl, it's going to be super-hard for me to give them up. Oy.

I guess it's time that I start getting ready for work. It's going to be a terribly long day, with probably a boat-load of callouts because of the snow... which means it might have to be one of those days that I buy the entire front-end cupcakes or something (like I did on the last snow day). Of course I will get the ones that are decorated with little party favors on the top. Last time, we got princess rings and wore them around all day, stating that we were Ariel, or Aurora, or Belle. Yeah, we are kind of big nerds at work.


  1. I hope the snow isn't too much of a problem tomorrow either! I have to go check out my new apartment for the first time, and go to Target to get a bunch of stuff. At least it isn't snowing next weekend when I move in because that would suck.

    I would totally take a kitten if my boyfriend didn't dislike cats so much. haha. One day I will convince him otherwise =p

  2. I hate driving in the snow. I went off the road two winters ago and it was the most awful thing ever. Luckily I didn't hit anyone and there wasn't any real damage to my car.

  3. @Melanie - every time I move, it rains. Which is slightly ominous, I think. I couldn't deal with moving in the snow though. Fingers crossed for a nice clear (and maybe even a little warm!) day next weekend for you! And well, the kitties will be ready in about three months. Work on convincing the boyfriend starting NOW. ;)

    @Sara - this is my first winter driving, and I've driven in the snow twice so far and been perfectly fine... but it's still nervewracking!