07 January 2011

Florida, eh?

I am contemplating taking a road trip this summer, with the best friend and the ex-boyfriend. I am completely aware that the logistics of this sound ridiculous, but it would be a fun time. The three of us all get along well (aside from that one night where I had nine alcoholic beverages and blurted out all sorts of inappropriate and mean-hearted things). The ex-boyfriend and I talked about it over the last couple of days, while we were hanging out in the Poconos with my family (how's that for ridiculousness?!). Our original thought was to drive out to the Grand Canyon, visiting oodles of friends and family along the way, and then drive back, visiting other people along some other route back. But then we realized that that trip is about twenty-five-hundred miles each way, and would be quite a stretch to complete in a week or two, since we would probably like to stop every four to six hours to visit people or find some cool city to spend the night in.

Conversation then went to the idea of driving down to Florida, along the eastern seaboard, and then back up the Gulf side of Florida, and up some route that would take us either through Nashville or Atlanta. This whole thing would allow us to visit the ex's friends near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, his sister in Titusville, Florida, and two of my best friends in the entire world, who I have never actually met (hooray for years and years of Livejournal!): Monica, who lives just outside of Miami, and Tiffany, who lives in Panama City Beach.

The best was when the best friend came up to me at work today and said "When do you get new vacation hours? Because I think we need to plan a road trip. To Florida." Damn you, best friend, for reading my mind. He, however, has it in his mind that we would find some way to sneak back up north by way of Southeast Missouri. Solely so that we can have someone chuck rolls at our heads (which I am not arguing. This would absolutely be worth the detour). Hopefully we can work the entire thing out. There would be loads of pictures to take, blogs to write, and the potential of some really amusing video blogs (both of these guys crack me up a whole bunch). Plus, we could find a way to work in some things that we all want to accomplish this year: my setting foot in the ocean, for one.

There are only a handful of downfalls to the trip that I can see so far. One would be that I have already been to every state between here and Florida, so I would not be able to mark any more states off of my list of "places to see." In fact, there are only two states East of the Mississippi where I have not yet ventured - Maine and Rhode Island - but no one seems to want to check out either of those with me! Another issue is that hey, traveling with your ex-boyfriend (however close you may be) might be a recipe for disaster. Although, if we could survive the last nine days or so together as "just friends," I think we'd be okay for a ten or fourteen day excursion. It's just something to think about.


  1. If you make it to Maine, I will definitely meet you there!

  2. @Sara - that would be awesomeee!

  3. Why not go to the Lamberts in Foley, AL? Pretty close to PCB and a hell of a lot closer than the Show me state. ;)

  4. May do that, Jen. The reason for going to Missouri is that that is where Donnie's family lives, so we would go see them. :)