08 January 2011

oh kitties!

I just sat here and watched YouTube videos of cats giving birth, just so that I could prepare myself for when Kenzie goes into labor. I will still be entirely unprepared when it happens, despite having watched half a dozen videos, and having been in the room when my Karly was born, and watching the whole thing. Donnie showed me tonight how to feel for the babies (quite gently so we didn't squish their little heads!) and he was able to count four rib cages. That, of course, does not account for any babies that might be hiding out somewhere in there. Four would be a nice little litter size, though: one for Carla, one for Allison, one for Joe... and only one to find a home for. Unless perhaps it becomes "one for me..." Oh yeah, I definitely do not need another kitty. I am going to have to try incredibly hard not to get attached to any of the little ones.

That being said, I have already been thinking about adorable baby names for little balls of fluff.

Estimated dated of arrival for the little buggers in somewhere around the first of February. I need to work on building or purchasing a box or something to try to encourage Kenzie to spend some time in. She has taken to curling up in the puppy's crate lately. Wouldn't that be a great place for her to give birth? Madden would absolutely have a fit.

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  1. You could build the "Taj Mahal" of littering boxes for Kenzie to have her babes in, but trust me, she'll have them where she feels most secure (could be right in your bed). And count on her to move them several times during the course of her whelping. I had one Russian Blue who kept moving her kittens under my bed behind an old pair of worn out boots!! Good luck