08 January 2011

kittening box!

I decided that creating a kittening box for Kenzie should be my project for the evening, since I had mentioned wanting to do it soon earlier, and I really did not have anything else of importance to do this evening (other than my new obsession with learning to decoupage, but that can wait!)

I realized that I had an abundance of Sterlite totes sitting around, from when I moved a few months back (thank goodness for Sterilite totes! Made moving so much more convenient than cardboard boxes would have. But, I digress). I decided that if I could cut a hole out of it, that would allow Kenzie to get in and out. If you have never cut a hole out of this stuff, I would not recommend attempting it! I only own one sharp kitchen knife (I have no idea how or why this is the case!), and scissors just were not cutting it (get it? Not cutting it. Woo). I actually had to take a lighter, and melt a bit of the spot where I wanted to create the hole, just so that it would be thin enough to get the knife through. Seriously, such a pain in the rear end! Upon getting a hole cut out of the end of it, I grabbed Kenzie, put her in, and threw the lid on. She darted right out. So, I at least knew that her scrawny little self could get in and out - for now. Next step was to figure out whether a nine-week-pregnant Kenzie would be able to get in and out. Of course my grossly obese kitty, Karly, had to be the guinea pig for that experiment (she's losing weight, but did weigh about fifteen pounds a few months back). She was able to get out of the hole without a problem, so I knew that Kenzie (who weighed right around five or six pounds pre-pregnancy) shouldn't have a problem, even when her belly swelled up with kittens.

I, of course, don't want Kenz or any little kittens to get hurt, so I duct-taped the opening, just to do away with any sharp little edges. I threw in one of the throw pillows off of the couch (which I intend on replacing anyway once I get my income tax & student loan money, because they're hideous!) and a fleece blanket, grabbed Kenz, threw her in, threw the lid back on, and voila! She climbed out just about immediately, but then turned right back around, climbed in, and curled up. She's still in there now, and was in there when I shot the photo (though my camera phone is lame, and you can't actually see her).

The tote should work perfectly, and I'm really hoping that she claims this thing as her own home. I wish there was some way to teach the other animals that this is NOT for them. I'm telling Madden "NO!" when she tries to sniff Kenzie out - and after two or three times of trying to poke her head in, she gave up and went and laid down. My thought is that Kenzie can be safe and warm and snuggly in there with the little ones, and have some privacy, but if I need to access momma or babies for any reason, I can just snap the lid off and reach in. Brilliant, right? I thought so!

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