10 January 2011

the job thing...

Work tonight was utterly ridiculous. Long lines, lack of help, and virtually everyone is either working mornings for some new revamping of the store they're doing, or working overnights to rework another section of the store. This of course means longer lines, less help, yada yada yada. Also, it's January, which means that business is not great (though it is hard to tell - those lines sure are long!). The end of our fiscal year is January, so I am sure they are trying to cut costs to play catchup for all of the dumb stuff we inevitably did in the last eleven months. This results in all of our hours being cut. While I do not mind a few extra hours a week spent at home, away from that place, I would love to know who is supposed to pay my bills. I am used to working forty hours per week, and am now being cut down to thirty-four or thirty-five. That means that each paycheck (bi-weekly) is short a day or a day and a half worth of hours. I was barely squeaking by before all of this. I have rent, car insurance, electric, internet, cell phone. Seriously, who is going to pay this all for me?!

Luckily, it's just about income tax time, and I will file it as soon as I have all of the necessary paperwork. I guess there is some paper I need from school in order to get some credit that will give me back most (or all) of what I paid in. Yes. Hook me up with that credit, accountant friend! Then I will be able to pay off all of my bills, be 100% debt free (for the first time since living completely on my own. Thank goodness for small blessings!), and then use my student loan money to fix up my car. New tires, oil change, here we come!

Thank goodness I come home to a comfortable apartment (which I love), no longer have to rely on rides home and taxis, and have kitties and puppies who love to cuddle, and a perfect ex-boyfriend who lets me call and rant about work every night. Life is grand.

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