10 January 2011

I kinda sorta maybe miss Nashville a little...

I am sitting here randomly browsing country music videos on YouTube. And while I am thrilled to pieces with the way my life has been going this last year, and I know that I never would have accomplished these things (learning to drive, buying my first car, getting my own apartment, adopting the puppy of my dreams, going back to college) had I stayed in Nashville, but a piece of me longs for Broadway, for Legend's Corner, for delicious Mexican food from Casa Fiesta on Bell Road in Antioch (which was always better with a pitcher of margaritas, and always best when enjoyed on the patio!), for southern accents, and for some of the friends that I left behind.

I wish I had taken more advantage of what the city had to offer while I was there, and I sometimes wish that I had not let certain things get the better of me. Had I been braver (and perhaps a little smarter), I probably could have had my own apartment down there, convinced someone to teach me to drive, and gotten a car. But alas, I headed back up north. I hated my decision for the first several months. But since then, I have realized that this was the best thing I could have ever done for myself.

This summer I will have to find a way to make it to Nashville, to revisit the city that I loved (for more than just a day), and to see friends who I miss to pieces every day of my life.

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