11 January 2011

Oh boy... a dilemma.

Sometimes I wonder which is better: to live a good life, not lie, work hard, and be who you are... or to lie, cheat, steal, and kiss ass to get to the top. In case you haven't figure out, I am of the latter, working my ass off to hopefully get somewhere one day.

But boy is it ever disheartening to see those who do not deserve to get ahead, get ahead. I get no special favors called in on my behalf, I work for what I have, things (well, financial things, and things like promotions, amazing jobs, and starting a family) do not come easily to me.

I am blessed in that I have a great mind, do well in school, and do not have to study hard or anything to do well in school. But that does not affect anyone else - it affects only me. And I am relatively healthy (however overweight). My family is pretty great. And I have a small group of friends who are absolutely amazing.

But I am not "friends" with the "right people." I do not do silly things that will get me ahead. I guess I must be a jackass for thinking that hard work and honesty will get me ahead, huh?
Here is my dilemma: do I continue to do the right thing, to be honest, a good person, etc? Or do I say "screw it all," throw the towel in, and conform to a life of ass-kissing, lying, cheating, and knowing that the only reason that I got ahead is that I am a damn good actor?

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  1. My first thought is that you have to remain true to yourself. But in some ways that's kind of a flippant answer. Once you get ahead, will you be happy with who you had to become? There's no easy answer really... I wish I had some truly amazing words of wisdom - but I don't. :-(