13 January 2011

a horoscope come true

This is what my horoscope for yesterday said: 

"Things are happening and your career or path depends on your own ambition and drive, which are strong now. A similar problem, like one from the past, appears today, but you are much more able to handle this situation the second time around. You may even wonder why you thought it was a problem." 

Without getting too involved in the details of the situation, boy did THAT come true for me yesterday. I would just like to reiterate for people who clearly forgot who I am: I do not take peoples' shit. I am not a pushover. I stand up for what is right and fair. I was under the impression that I had made that abundantly clear over the course of the last fourteen months, but apparently I was wrong. So, I will say it again, loud and clear: I WILL NOT TAKE YOUR SHIT. 

Too bad that those who need to read this never well, eh? Just as well. Perhaps it is best for them to forget how I am, so that when my claws come out, they will be more surprised. Oh, how quickly they forgot.  

On a less angry note... Kenzie's pregnancy appears to be progressing well. Kittens should be arriving somewhere in two to four weeks (with two-three weeks seeming most likely). Kenzie has become super-loving, always wanting to be wherever I am, whereas she was such a loner before all of this. Karly is still just a crazy fat cat, who I love to pieces. And Madden should be getting her cast taken off in the next week or two - whenever I can come up with three hundred dollars to have her x-rayed again. The vet seems to think that she is ready to have it taken off, but without doing the x-ray to be sure, they take the risk of making things worse. I feel so bad for my poop pup, and for my poor pockets as well.

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