16 January 2011

I miss being a sarcastic bitch

I have been absolutely awful about blogging in the last few days, mostly because I have had so much stuff to say that I thought it better to take a few days to cool down before saying of it, as my mouth tends to get me in trouble. A lot of trouble.

In the last few days, I have been trying incredibly hard not to say random obvious-to-me things. Like comments about why things are done a certain way, or talking to people like they are stupid because they do not understand something. It isn't that I'm a bitch, really, but I work with people who I have to repeat things to. Over and over and over again. I am trying not to let it get to me anymore, but my goodness. Sometimes I feel like I work with a bunch of people who suffer from severe memory lapse. "How do I do this?" "The same way you've done it every day for the last eight hundred days." My goodness.

Sadly, some of my co-workers do not like the new me. They prefer my sarcastic, inappropriate comments. But, I will never get anywhere making those comments - not that I want to make a career out of what I do right now anyway. I used to want to, before I rediscovered the beautiful place called college. I am seriously just about jumping for joy knowing that I get to start back to class this coming Thursday. I miss notebooks, pens, my backpack, meeting people whose lives do not revolve around the madness that is my place of employment. I am especially excited this semester because I am taking classes with two of the same professors that I had last semester - whose classes I got A's in - and because I am going to know some people in some of my classes already! Hooray for knowing people! The fall was new, and unknown, and a little scary. Despite the fact that I'm a grownup, and shouldn't be scared of going to a piddly little community college (especially after surviving for two years at Temple University, what seems like a lifetime ago), it was a very nerve wracking experience for me. This semester, though? This semester I am prepared. And excited. And not the least bit nervous. If I could pull off a 3.75 GPA last semester, putting in little to no work outside of class, I can sure as hell pull off a 3.0 this semester (my personal goal for each semester). Bring it on, college. Bring it on.

Kenzie's pregnancy still seems to be progressing well. Tomorrow, she will be about seven weeks along. She seems to have developed some sort of cold lately, which I am only a little bit worried about. She just has a little case of the sneezes, but is otherwise doing well. She has become an absolute joy of a cat lately. She used to be my least favorite - a cat I had taken in as a favor, when she had been abandoned by a friend's  neighbor - but now she is cute and lovey, and wants to sit with me and cuddle all of the time. Such a little doll. Also, she really is quite pretty, with her medium-length gray hair, and pretty little eyes. She's also pretty small for an adult cat, I think, which makes her adorable and lovable, and huggable. I am hoping that she proves to be a good little mommy (this will be her first litter), because I won't have time to bottle-feed any little babies, between being at work and at school every day of my life.

I think I am going to let myself keep a kitten. A girl. So I am sort of hoping that there are at least two girls in the litter, since a friend has already stated claim to a girl from the litter. I have some names picked out already. Yes, I am that big of a nerd. My cats (so far) have all had feminine first names and either masculine or unisex middle names. Karly Emerson, Penelope Lou (who went outside about two weeks ago, and hasn't come back. I know, I am a bad cat mom) and Sarah Mackenzie. Potential new baby's middle name is set, but I won't say what it is, because it is bound to piss at least one person off. It starts with a G, though. Potential first names for kitty are: Georgia (so I can call her Gigi!), Eleanor (Ellie), Nicole (Coley), Chloe. We will see. I do not NEED to keep a kitten. Two cats and a dog seem plenty. But I have a feeling I will fall in love, and convince myself that I might as well keep one, since I am used to having three anyway - what will a tiny little kitten hurt? Such a bad philosophy to have, I know. We will see.


  1. I think I would have had an impossibly hard time not keeping a kitten myself. :-)

    Keep up the hard work, and get out of the crazy retail world! (Believe it or not, I am seriously considering looking for some non-retail work...)

  2. I definitely think a little girl kitten will be staying with me. If she has more than one girl, since a friend already claimed a girl. I have certain requirements though. Like, I don't want a gray tabby. But if there's an orange female... or a calico... or a black & white tuxedo kitty... OH BOY! It will be hard for me to give it up! :D I'd even keep a solid black kitty. Ooooh, kittiesss! <3

  3. Aah school...I miss it too =p Good luck with everything this semester! I'm sure you'll do well again.

    I hope Penelope comes back and is okay =/ You'll have to post pictures of the kittens when they come along. :)