18 January 2011


I somehow ended up acquiring a second dog yesterday. A friend from work asked me if I would be able to take her small dog, a twelve-pound Shih Tzu/Poodle mix male, since her landlord had decided that he no longer wanted them to have him. I told her it would depend on how he got along with my other critters, since they obviously deserve to come first. So far, "Patches" has been here about twenty hours, and is LOVING Madden, isn't too interested in the cats, who have stopped hissing at him, and have both already come by to sniff him and see what this new creature is. I think that Karly is just used to the fact that I randomly find new animals to bring home (poor thing. She'll always be my baby, though!). He is well-behaved, good with the other animals (aside from trying to make Madden his girlfriend - thankfully SHE is spayed, though he is not yet neutered). He's about three years old, and already housebroken. Really good dog.

Needless to say, I will NOT be keeping one of Kenzie's kittens now. Two dogs and two cats seems like more than a fair amount of animals - especially since, if Madden is any indication, dogs are way more pricey to maintain!

Luckily, my friend Sheila can administer shots for the dogs (and the cats for that matter), other than Rabies shots. That should be a big money-saver! And my cousin is a dog groomer, and while she has never actually groomed a dog for me, I have seen pictures of dogs she has groomed, and well, it'll be nice to take the dogs (they both desperately need haircuts!) to her to be groomed! Hooray for friends who can help deal with the mutts!

As I write this, there are two little dogs sleeping at my feet. This is how life always should be!

However, I am going to try not to get completely attached to Patches. I feel really bad for my friend for having to give him up - especially because she has two young children who are obviously devastated about losing their family dog. Part of me hopes that things work out for them, and they end up somewhere that Patches won't be a nuisance to the neighbors so that they can take him back some day. The other part of me, though, was hoping that a similar small dog would come along before Madden got to be too old, so that she could grow up with a best friend... either way, it seems someone might be sad in the end. I'd rather be the sad one.

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