19 January 2011

a few random thoughts

While I am not the biggest fan of just writing out lists of things that are going on, that seemed like the more adequate way to blog today. Randomly, here's what I'm thinking about:

  • School starts back tomorrow. I am ecstatic. Since I did well last semester (and have two of the same professors again, one of whom I absolutely ADORED, and the other of whom I ended up really liking a lot in the end), I am confident and thrilled to be going back. I intend to be a bit more extroverted this semester, to raise my hand more often (except in Spanish class, where I still refuse to answer unless specifically called upon), and to be more bold. Also, I want to find at least one decent friend.
  • I am absolutely addicted to the scent "My Dear Watson." I put it back in my Scentsy warmers tonight, and remembered just how much I loved this scent. I think I need to buy a brick of it, and have it warming all of the time. It is absolutely heavenly. Now, all I need is to find a man whose scent is comparable, and I will be smitten. 
  • Kittens should be born within about two weeks' time. Kenzie is getting bigger, though I am starting to think that the four kittens Donnie felt is about the extent of her litter. She hasn't gotten terribly big yet, and one would think that so close to delivery, she would be quite large. Today, she is about 51 days along, and everything I have read seems to lean toward 60-70 days gestation. We could have babies in as few as nine days, or as many as nineteen. Either way, I'm stoked for little furbabies!
  • Patches is an absolute joy of a dog. He is the size, temperament, and fluffiness of a dog that I would have picked out for myself originally. I obviously love the hell out of my Madden, and she will always be my puppy baby. But goodness, this is one good dog that I have been blessed with! I was brave and left both dogs out (neither in crates!) while I was at work today, and was thrilled to come home and find that neither had had an accident in the house, and nothing had been destroyed. I will admit that I never really took time to puppy-proof when Madden came along, but she has been generally good about listening, and she is only out of her crate when I am home. So, to find that she and Patches had been little angels in my absence was quite impressive!
  • I rearranged my living room yesterday, and I LOVE IT. I tend to get bored easily, so I am not sure how long this set-up will last, but as of now, it's absolutely perfect. There are, of course, several things that I still want to do, such as getting more pictures to hang on the walls (though I have plenty of frames to use, for sure!), and doing other little decorative things. Also, I NEED to get the bedroom done next. I have a feeling that I am going to be needing some good, fun meditation time over the next two years that I am here. So, that's definitely on my list. But, the apartment is coming along quite nicely. And I am quite happy about being here.


  1. You totally need to check out Home Goods if you haven't already! We basically furnished our apartment with stuff from there and its incredibly cheap...especially the wall art. They have framed artwork for like 10 bucks, and a bunch of other cool little decor things. We still have to do our bedroom as well though...the walls are completely bare. lol

    Patches sounds absolutely adorable!

  2. I wonder if Home Goods has a website? Aren't they like part of some other store? Like Ross or TJ Maxx or one of those? I forget. Hmmm.