20 January 2011

what is wrong with my dogs?!

Are female dogs (namely, eight month old female puppies, who have been spayed for the last month or so) supposed to be into humping? More specifically, humping male dogs? Madden seriously just threw her front paws on Patches' shoulders and proceeded to hump him. In the face. Oh boy, this cannot be good. I have let both dogs stay out the past two days while I was at work and school. No crates, no being penned up. Figured it would be good for both of them to run around, expel some energy, and have a friend. But oh man, if this is what goes on while I am at home, I can only begin to imagine what happens when I am off at work, earning money so that I can buy these monsters food and toys and other such nonsense. Oh boy, oh boy. I have had to stop Madden three times from humping Patches, in the last five minutes or so. Where in the world does she learn this stuff?! What a monster.

Aside, though, from this crazy escapade, the dogs enjoy each other immensely. Actually, this might add to their ridiculous enjoyment of one another. Either way, they're such perfect little love-bugs, and have not made any sort of mess while I've been out and about the last two days. Good doggies.

School started today, and was wonderful. Spanish should be simple. My average last semester was right around a 100%, and I intend to at least pull off an A this semester (perhaps not my 100%, but something good for sure). Trends in American Education should also be a cinch. I only have to do one observation hour (as opposed to the fifteen I did last semester. Thank goodness! I will pick a younger grade this time!), a four page paper (about said observation hour, which should take no time at all!), an oral presentation with a partner, two exams, and brief weekly quizzes. History is all test and quiz based, which works well for me, as I tend to do incredibly well on tests. And, accounting doesn't even start until the 31st, and will be pretty easy, with Donnie as my tutor. Very excited for this semester! Very, very excited!

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  1. Female humping is usually the result of an attempt at dominance. It can also be related to anxiety and obsessive compulsive behavior. Since your females were recently spayed, this releases a androgenic hormone which is much higher. Since the estrogen levels have been suppressed, the androgenic hormone that has been released will cause your female to exert her "dominance" even over a male.
    If you want, you could have your dog tested for her hormone levels. It may get costly however.