21 January 2011

An ode to my apartment complex maintenance dude

Dear apartment complex maintenance guy,

I really appreciate you coming out here at nine o'clock on a Friday night. It must suck to have to work weekend nights and all. Let me tell you - I fully understand the suckiness of it all. I wouldn't have called if my apartment had stayed around sixty-five degrees. But, when I came home tonight and walked into a fifty-six degree apartment, I just had to call and have something done about it. I can't take it anymore - and that's saying a lot  for me, since I generally prefer to me a little more on the cold side, as an excuse to use lots of blankets and sleep in you-know-who's old sweatpants. My nose is so cold! I'd let you feel it to prove my point, but that would be a little weird. Besides, your hands are probably ridiculously cold, as it's about a billion degrees below zero out tonight (at least, that's what it felt like when I was walking the dogs). If you can actually get my heat to work, I will be incredibly appreciative!


PS. Sorry my dog tried to eat your ankles. She's not very bright.

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