23 January 2011

no more cast!

I am not sure if I have mentioned it or not, but Madden (my eight-month old puppy) has had her front left leg in a cast for the last three months. Being a crazy puppy, she jumps like crazy and broke it. So, for three months, I have not seen her leg. At six weeks in, she had an x-ray, which showed that it was not healing properly, but that in a few weeks it may be fine. It cost three hundred dollars to have three x-rays taken. And the vet clinic wanted me to have her x-rayed again because "we think it's probably ready to come off now, but we need to x-ray to be sure." That was three weeks ago.

Today, tired of the smell that was coming from her leg, I decided that it was time to take it off myself. After about five minutes, it was off, revealing a tiny leg, about half the width of her three healthy legs, covered in sores and raw spots. The smell was almost unbearable (and actually caused Buzz - my fearless helper) to have to run to the bathroom to be sick. The site of the whole thing is pretty bad, but better than I really expected it to be. I felt around to make sure things felt okay, and make sure that Madden wouldn't wince in pain when I felt the spot that had broken in October, and the areas around it. She seemed fine, so we moved on to tubby-time. This was her first bath in three months, and boy did she need it!

Patches hopped in for a bath too, and now he smells of coconut, and Madden smells of baby powder. My sweet little baby is able to run around - without a cast - for the first time in three months. Aside from being a little sore, and curious as to why her leg is exposed and whatnot, she is a little champion and is seeming to feel better.

And I, am in awe at how beautiful this little dog is, without that monstrous cast taking up her whole being. She is perfect. My first real baby (well, real in the sense that she isn't like a cat, and she travels with me, and is as close to a baby as I'm going to have for quite a while). It's sick how much I love this dog.

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