13 February 2011

Recents goings-ons.

My dogs crack me up. After a long, hard, annoying day at work, it is so nice to come home, throw their leashes on them and take them for a nice little walk. Madden is absolutely insane, running and jumping, and acting like a kid with attention deficit disorder or something all of the time. Such is the life of a puppy, I suppose - and that Jack Russel terrier in her makes her even more neurotic! But, she amuses me on a constant basis. Patches is considerably calmer. He did, however, jump into the bathtub with me last night, as I was taking the first BATH that I had taken in ages. Absolutely cracked me up. So much for relaxing in a hot tub with bubbles, huh?

Work is increasingly annoying and stressful. Thank goodness for my handful of horribly amusing co-workers, my best friend who has to listen to me bitch about everything, and the light at the end of the tunnel (three and as half more years til I have a degree! WHAAAT?!).

School is keeping me busy. I think I was wrong when I thought that this semester would be a breeze, and I would have nothing at all to worry about. My lack of motivation has me worried about my accounting class, since the entire thing is online, and I am absolutely the world's biggest procrastinator. My education class won't be too bad at all - just a bit on the annoying side. Spanish is going to be less of a breeze than it was last semester, but not awful. And History will bore me to tears, but it's all tests, which I should easily be able to pass. I am striving for a 3.0 GPA this semester. It's the same that I shot for last semester (and I surpassed it). I would rather set a goal and do better, than to set a harder to reach goal and fall short. It somehow makes me feel better about myself, ha ha.

I wish I was a more interesting person, or had more to say. My life is pretty boring, and I really need something to spice it up. That being said, I see so much hard stuff and sadness around me, that I become content with the dull life that I have. Taylor, for instance, teaches me to count my blessings. Learning today that a co-worker's three-year-old grandson was diagnosed with leukemia breaks my heart and makes me so thankful for my health as well as the health of those closest to me. Life is hard and unfair and beats you down. But in the end, I guess we're not all so poor-off, huh?

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  1. Aww your dogs sound adorable...Patches jumping into your bath is hilarious. Best of luck with the schoolwork! I couldn't imagine working as much as you do plus having to do homework and go to classes and all, so kudos to you!