15 February 2011

Happy Thoughts

Some little happy thoughts for the day:

  1. My dogs are happily curled up together on the floor. Patches is actually spooning Madden. They are a riot when they're awake - tearing around and barking and playing with each other so hard that I think they're going to hurt each other. And when they are asleep, they are the most precious little pups ever.
  2. I am on Season Four of "Lois & Clark." Man, oh man, I love this show. I am going to be pretty sad when I am done watching the series... but I can move on to either "Early Edition" (proud owner of two seasons! WHOO!), or "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman" (bought the whole series. THE. WHOLE. SERIES. So excited).
  3. I have, hands-down, the greatest friends in the entire world. One or two in particular. Other people are the most petty, ridiculous, back-stabbing, lying bastards. The small group of people I can call my true friends make dealing with all the other bullshit okay.
  4. Eighteen and I did our presentation today in our education class - YAY for one thing being done and out of the way! Glad we decided to go ahead and do it NOW, rather than wait until one of the later chapters. Also, we made "Angry Birds" into a live-action game. Using Webkinz stuffed animals. I think the class was pretty excited to get to throw a stuffed bird at a makeshift stuffed pig, lol. It was amusing. I am sure we got a decent grade - especially because we were the first group to go, and one cannot possibly be as hard on us as they would on the next groups. Right?

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