16 February 2011

perfect day!

Work was uneventful today, but not bad. But I looked forward to leaving work when I learned that it was GORGEOUS outside today.

Upon leaving work, I was ridiculously excited by the perfect weather. Not too hot, not too cool. Ideally, I'd like it to be a couple of degrees warmer, but this was perfect compared to this bitter winter days we've been having! Got in the car, turned on the radio, and "Boondocks" was playing. Perfection. Drove home with the windows rolled down halfway, happy happy.

I am now home, took the dogs for a fairly long walk (more exercise than they've been getting, I'll admit, since it had been so damn cold out lately). I now have a window open, am going to vacuum in a little bit, and would LIKE to open the patio door, but I'm sure that my escape artist animals will get out when I'm not looking. Little bums. Instead, I might open the bedroom windows and leave the bedroom door open (it's usually closed because I don't like the cats being in there, but today feels perfect. And I may let myself make an exception).


  1. I know the weather has been amaaaazing! Even more-so today :)

  2. Totally! Today is sooo perfect!!! <3