17 February 2011

things to do

Today's to-do list:
  • Lunch. Possibly Chinese. Possibly with the best friend and other friends.
  • Take the dogs to the vet. Only Madden has an appointment, but I'm going to bring Patches along, and see what it would cost to have him tested for heart worm as well.
  • Wal*Mart run, because Madden needs a new leash. One of those retractable ones. Lately, she is using the one that Patches has, but I want them each to have one. The only reason she doesn't already have one is that I couldn't find one in pink last time I looked.
  • Finding somewhere to take the dogs. Possibly to a little park somewhere. I don't necessarily want to take them anywhere that I can let them off-leash. Just somewhere different for a walk. They'll love it.
  • Enjoy this weather. If yesterday was "almost perfect," today is absolutely perfect. Sunny. Warm. With just the slightest perfect breeze. It could stay like this all year, and I would be in heaven.

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