22 February 2011

when I grow up

So, I think I have officially decided that my major is going to have to change. I am currently an elementary/secondary education major, with intentions of teaching kids Spanish, or teaching Spanish-speaking kids. I think my more appropriate major would be Spanish language and/or culture, and then taking the appropriate tests and/or certifications to teach. But, I want to teach in another country. Possibly Spain.

I looked up what it would cost to study abroad for a year. In Barcelona. Twenty-four thousand dollars. Oh, is that all? Sign me up for two years.

That was sarcasm. Obviously.

I will have to figure this all out. I don't think I want to go to Mexico, and I'm not sure how I feel about going to South America. I am pretty dead-set on going to Spain if I go to a foreign country. But I am not sure that Spain (probably the most advanced Spanish-speaking country, I would assume) would need random little American chicks to come over and teach their kids. My services would probably be more valuable in some third-world Spanish country. What a damn shame.

Maybe I should just join the Peace Corps, or something like it. Travel, help people, yada yada yada. Which is what I've really wanted to do all along. Well, ever since high school.

Funny how I am going to school, to do something with my life that will never bring me any fortune - not even a little bit. I want to go hang out with poor people, teach them things, and help them. Maybe I am wasting my time sitting in a classroom.


  1. There may be programs out there for teachers to teach in different countries for a summer or something that may be cheaper? I'm not sure =/ The only teaching program I know of is Teach For America, but thats only a U.S program.

  2. Yeah, I've heard of Teach for America. Though you figure those little third-world countries could probably use teachers... and the qualifications for them probably wouldn't be as ridiculous there as they are in the states. I don't know.

    I just want to go somewhere. Spain sounds awesome. Especially because it could mean that I could hop to France, Germany, Italy, etc., relatively easily... :D