24 February 2011

sick days

I absolutely despise being sick. I allowed myself the day off of school (but wouldn't have if Tuesday had counted as a missed day). Yesterday, I had extreme back pain (upper back), to where it hurts to even turn my head. Great. Accompanied by a fever, going from not being able to get warm to burning up (my apartment is set at like 67 degrees right now, and I'm burning up. Not cool). And of course some lovely head congestion. If it's not one thing it's another, eh?

My day is going to consist of sleeping. ALL DAY LONG. I'm also popping all sorts of delicious pills into my body. Excedrin back and body for this awful back pain; dayquil for the cold symptoms; some other pills for the congestion. I also have a bottle of amoxicillin that I was told might help. I'm not sure how, but it may be worth a shot.

I may need to take Friday off from work if I don't get to feeling any better. This is awful. Awful timing, too, since just about every one of my co-workers has either the entire weekend or part of it off. I believe there's two or three of us actually working this weekend. If I call out, that's even less. Oops. But, I really feel like hell. At work yesterday, I couldn't focus because of how badly I was congested. And driving was a pain because I couldn't turn to look over my shoulder when backing up and stuff, and turning at all to look at anything was not pleasant. A few days off will definitely do me some good. It'll kill my already sad paychecks... but it'll do me some good.

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  1. Hope you feel better!! Get lots of rest!

    A lot of people around me seem to have a similar issues so I guess its going around...hoping I don't catch anything =/