25 February 2011

some shout-outs

I donated a dollar today to one of my favorite blog background sites - Hot Bliggity Blog. They advertise that if you donate to help them out, they will post a link to your website/blog in their sidebar. So, I'm thinking "huh, not a bad way for me to get some hits to my blog." But then I realized my blog was boring. I barely want to read it, so no one else probably would either. I donated anyway.

I asked if they could include a link over to Team 15% instead. Maybe someone will go. Maybe one more person will be touched by Taylor's story. Maybe that extra prayer that will come of it will be the one that makes even more of a difference. Maybe it won't do anything. But, I figure her story is a lot more important and interesting than mine. Funny how a bunch of strangers came together over some girl that most of us have never met. Funny how paying it forward now makes me think of Taylor. Funny how when I did my two little good deeds last week, I could see her smiling face in my mind (fake tan, big white smile, and stellar wig. Of course).

It's funny how things that used to matter, just don't anymore. It's funny how a month ago, I was a lot different than I am today. Four weeks really do make a difference.

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