07 March 2011

happy monday

A few happy points for the week:
  • My acne or whatever the heck it is has started to clear up! I thought it was roseacea, and have done nothing to treat it, thinking I was doomed to a life of shitty facial blemishes. I bought some acne face wash stuff and started using it, and I can see that it is already making a difference. I don't think that it is noticeable yet to other people, but I could definitely see today (after three or four days of using it) that my cheeks are starting to look much clearer! OH HAPPY DAY!
  • I am working on figuring out a way to more effectively help people. I am going to look into renting some sort of storage place, and getting furniture and stuff from the free section on craigslist (and from people who want to donate to me!), cleaning it up nicely, and storing it so that when people need it, it's ready for them. Baby steps.
  • Sheila suggested that I major in social work. That I would be good at it. We'll see. Social work and Spanish could go well together, I guess.
  • I think that my ultimate goal in life is to, one day, have someone look back on their life, and say that I made a difference in some way. Whether I bought their family groceries when they were poor, let them crash on my couch when they were homeless, picked up the tab for their medication when they couldn't afford to, whatever. Just one person.  Nothing big.


  1. I love your furniture idea...that's brilliant. You could somehow work with maybe like a battered woman's shelter. I'm sure women getting back on their feet after an abuse situation could use furniture.

  2. Kimmie - thanks! I have actually realized lately that I have friends/acquaintances who are SO down on their luck that it's scary. It's really starting to hit a little too close to home. I don't know if it's partly because of this scary economy, or if it's just a coincidence, or what. Either way, it scares me. A lot.

    My current project is to help a co-worker who confided that she was going to move into a homeless shelter with her two-year-old when she loses her current place to live, and told me she literally lived on the streets for a while when she was pregnant. Oh, hell no. I have a one-bedroom apartment, but am moving her in (she and the kid can have the bedroom, I'll crash on the couch) til she can get her own place (no idea how long housing assistance takes to come through). I've lined up some furniture for her when she gets a place, a friend bought her and her kid some clothes and hygiene items, and we're working on working out a babysitting schedule for the kid, so she doesn't have to pay for day care.

    I think my friend Sheila was right... I may need to work in social work, in some aspect.