04 March 2011

I feel pretty, oh so pretty

We never ended up riding horses the other night. We did get to go SEE the horses though. So pretty!

Last night, Donnie, Dave, Mike and I went down to Atlantic City to gamble a bit. I didn't get home until about three in the morning, and am still feeling the absolute exhaustion from the long day (having had slept about five hours the night before, and going to school and running around all day). It was a fun night though. Not eventful in terms of winning money. But fun, just the same.

I got my hair cut yesterday AND I LOVE IT. It's just a touch shorter than it was (maybe an inch or so), but layered. And I have this cool side-swept bang thing going on. My stylist was AWESOME. And even styled it for me for free. Cool girl. She said I made her day when I looked in the mirror and said "I LOOK PRETTY!!!" Which I did. She said I made her day even more when I gave her a twenty dollar tip. Which she deserved. Because I looked pretty, dammit. I also went and bought make-up yesterday, and wore some last night when we went out. Donnie said "you're wearing make-up. You never wear make-up." Nope. But it's time for a change.


  1. Saw the haircut on facebook...it looks awesomeee! That reminds me that I really need to get a trim really soon. I keep forgetting and its getting unruly haha

  2. haha. Mine was getting baaaad. Started to look like an afro, lol