09 March 2011

no more facebook!

I gave up Facebook for Lent. And for a few reasons. One being that if Taylor can give up so much right now, there's no reason I can't give up some stupid website for several weeks. Also, I caught myself being recently ummm... led into temptation, for lack of better terminology. A blast from the past was looking to hang out, and we all know what hanging out would have entailed - and I certainly did not need that. And, well, I didn't see much good coming from it.

The other night, I had a great conversation with my future husband. Yeah, there's a future husband. Only we're not even dating, have hung out twice, and only even seen each other a few more times than that. But he is "the one." It's just that life never works out for eithr of us. One day, it will. I think I may just give up on looking until it happens with him. I am wondering if that is a stupid idea.

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