10 March 2011

Shame on you

I find it quite amusing when people who clearly do not know me very well ask me to do something that goes completely against who I am. Help you cheat? Yeah. Let me get right on that. Who the hell do you people think I am?! Not only did you just piss me off my questioning my integrity, but you pissed me off enough to do something about it. Good job. Jackass.

In other news, I am officially on Spring Break now. I had a midterm in my Education class today (which I am fairly certain I got a B on... but I did feel pretty confident on most of the test, so it might be a low A. *fingers crossed*). And I am positive that I got 100% on my Spanish exam - possibly even higher. She offered two extra credit questions in the test, plus the one essay we had to write had to be nine sentences, and I had about thirteen. And then we could write an optional little essay about Jose Marti, and of course I jumped all over that - partly because I am the queen of extra credit in that class, and partly because I actually loved what we read of Jose Marti. And then I had two mini-quizzes in my World Civilizations class, which I think I got 8/10 or so on, because he is a pretty easy grader. Not bad, not bad. The ONLY class I am worried about this semester is accounting. But, since I am off next Tuesday and Thursday, I intend to get AHEAD in that class, and possibly even finish the class a few weeks earlier. It is definitely possible. I just... really hate accounting.

And I think I am officially changing my major to Liberal Arts & Sciences - Language & Culture Option. Thanks to my awesome Spanish professor for hooking me up with information about that major, and different jobs where speaking a second language would come in handy.

If I end up moving back to Nashville, I know there is a very large Mexican population, so knowing Spanish would come in incredibly handy in whatever I choose to do down there. Not sure if the Nashville move is going to happen... but it's one of many options that I am considering at the moment. It sort of all depends on what happens with the potential future husband. And whether he's full of shit or not. Haha.

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