11 March 2011

I need a vacation from my life

This summer, I am going to take a vacation. An honest-to-goodness vacation. Where I sit somewhere and sip on fruity mixed drinks, or look out over a beautiful mountain view every morning when I wake up, or I chill with cartoon characters.

My original thought is Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Which, quite frankly, is the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life, thus far. Pros? It's BEAUTIFUL. And QUIET. And PEACEFUL. And I could rent a cabin for a fairly reasonable price. Also, I could probably con a certain guy into meeting up with me there. I was looking into this cabin, and it looks perfect. Plus, it is pet-friendly, which would mean that the monster-mutts could tag along, and I would just have to find a sitter for the kitties. The cons? I have been there before, so it wouldn't be like trying something new. Also, this is my fantasy honeymoon spot, so spending a week of singleness there might be a little weird.

Another random thought was Disney World, which I would also happily drive to. Pros would be getting to see my two beautiful Florida friends (Tiffany and Monica). Also, I adore Epcot, and would probably spend my entire trip either there or at Downtown Disney. Cons? I really do not ride rides much, if at all. Also, I doubt that I could find a hotel that would happily accommodate the mutts. I am fine going somewhere without them, but it just adds to the expense - finding a mutt-sitter.

Then there is the idea of a random Midwest trip. I have been invited to Ohio to spend time with Kenny at his camper, which could be a fun little adventure. I could also hop on over to Champaign, Illinois to visit Zack and Amber, and of course head down to Metropolis, Illinois to see the Superman statue and be a silly fan-girl. The cons? I've seen a lot of Ohio/Indiana/Illinois already, but not necessarily the parts I would be checking out. Also, I am not sure how I feel about spending time at this campsite, when I probably won't be the first girl who's hung out there. Yeah, I'm selfish.

I need more ideas. Preferably within the continental United States. I've never explored Maine or Rhode Island (they're the only states I have left on this side of the Mississippi to check out), so that's another option. I am not sure what all there is to see there, but I do adore what I have seen of New England.

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