22 March 2011

plastic and its environmental benefits

I forgot to share this interesting tidbit of ridiculous from the other day. Perhaps someone out there is more intelligent than me and can explain this logic to me.

My place of employment has a deli, with hot food (fried chicken, some hot sides, plus some things like potato salad, macaroni salad, etc.). So, I decided the other day that I wanted some mozzarella sticks (no wonder I weigh like a billion pounds. But, I digress). The lady in front of me orders a single corn dog, and the lady behind the counter looks around for some sort of container to put it in. She ends up putting it into the biggest plastic tub they have - the kind you'd put like two pounds of potato salad in - because it's the only thing tall enough to hold the corn dog with it's stick. Okay, they must be out of the paper bags they usually use, right? So, this conversation occurs after the corn dog lady walks away:

Yours Truly: Oh, did you run out of paper bags?
Chicken Lady: No, (name of company we get those supplies from) won't let us order them.
Yours Truly: Uhh. Huh?!
Chicken Lady: Yeah, I called them and tried to order, and they said they're not carrying them anymore. Because they're "going green."
Yours Truly: Wait. What? So we're using more plastic?
Chicken Lady: Yeah. I don't think it makes sense either.
Yours Truly: Well, I am no expert but I'm fairly certain that plastic is awful for the environment. Like, really awful.
Chicken Lady: I know... that's what I said...

I then proceeded to order my delicious mozzarella sticks, and want to beat my head against a wall over the enormous plastic container that they had to come in.

Now, I am no environmentalist or anything, but WHAT?! I'm going to have to conduct an experiment with a paper bag and a plastic deli container, and see which one disappears quicker. I am willing to bet a fairly large sum of cash that that plastic dish will be chilling on my lawn for a really long time. I mean, I don't even recycle or anything, and I am a little offended (read: a lot) by this company's blatant stupidity and/or disregard for Mother Earth.


  1. O_o yeeea that makes no sense whatsoever haha. Paper bags are better than plastic bags when it comes to the environment. Thats why places like Whole Foods use the recycled paper bags instead of the plastic ones.

  2. See? This is why my brain explodes on a daily basis.