21 March 2011

adventures in non-dating.

This is an actual exchange between some random guy on the dating site that I belong to (a free site - the light at the end of this dreary tunnel is that at least I am not paying to talk to these idiots). I have no idea what this guy's name is (nor do I care, now that I think about it), so we are going to refer to him from here on out as "Jersey Shore." A show which I have never seen, but, well, that's perfectly fine by me. Also, I am leaving all of the ridiculous spelling errors, because it's even better this way:

Jersey Shore:
YOUR really cute....the thought comes to my mind....if only i had a girlfriend as cute as you i bet i would be alot "happier"....does that sound crazy??
I dunno, but i just think your cute...
I don't know if you would date a guy in philly, but seeing your photo made me just a little bit happier to see someone cute...so just wanna say thanks for that.

Im still working on the girlfriend thing, but i don't know how it work out with the jersey girls, and it hasen't worked with them yet.

So anyway...thanks and you have a beatiful smile, and that means something when i been having well a "bad day" today all day...you were a little sunshine.
We just gotta keep the hope that there a solemate for us both.
later. take care...
We need the humor when times are tuff and thats for sure. 

Yours Truly:
Thanks for the compliments. I have no problem dating people further away - in fact a few of the guys I talk the most to live like 800 miles away, haha. At the very least, I am always up for making new friends.

I did have one concern with your profile though. Under what you're looking for, it has casual sex listed. For this reason, the dating thing would absolutely not work out for us (not looking for the kind of guy who'd be interested in casual sex at all). But as far as chatting/possible friendship, it's cool.

 Jersey Shore:
Thats cool, but was looking for a realtionship....=(...

Casual sex..yeah...i put that on there cause yeah i never done it, so was interested in trying something i've never done, but if that turns you off then sorry. The guys on (jersey shore...example mike the situation, vinnie, and paul...seem to do that all the time at the club) Oh well.

Yours Truly:
Please tell me you don't make life decisions based on some bs reality tv show! Lmao 

Jersey Shore:
Not based upon the tv show. But an example of guys that do that stuff. To me it's entertainment. I know there are ladies that do it too, its not just guys. It just dosen't happen for me.
Like some people get married and have kids, everyone's life is different.

 At this point, I did not even bother responding. I just chuckled at the ridiculous attitude of men out there, and went on my way. This just really really blows my mind. First off, the spelling errors are absurd. Obviously not the way to catch me (my profile definitely mentions being a college student, has NO spelling errors, and I am relatively certain that I mention being sort of a snob about these things. But, I digress). Yeah man, the guys on Jersey Shore have casual sex, so I just, ya know, thought I'd try it. And sadly, this guy isn't even in the minority on said website. Why oh why can't I just find a decent guy?!


  1. LOL! I am glad that my dating misfortunes have made your day. I will try to post more as they happen. I never thought to do this until fairly recently. But there's a lot of wacky guys on these dating sites - surely they can be ammunition for my blog cannon.

  2. Ohh... I am aware...I belong to one and its mostly for my own entertainment. The free ones bring about some interesting lads