28 June 2011

clean apartments, epic dates, and college thoughts

The apartment is still clean, Champ is home from the babysitter, and I still have the rest of today and two more days left on vacation. Life is pretty grand like that.

My epic date ended up lasting something like forty-five hours. And well, I have realized that even if nothing comes from it, it was an awesome weekend, I had a blast, and I learned a ton of stuff. Having this date also encouraged me to clean my apartment (I hate cleaning. A lot. Like, more than most people. And the extreme depression I have causes me not to want to do anything when I get home from work - least of all clean). I learned that sometimes, sex is amazing (yes. A-MAZ-ING. I now understand what all the fuss is about. Seriously). It was also amazing because most of my friends got to meet him, and they all liked him. So, if this was to work out, that would be cool. And well, if it didn't work out, well, at least I feel cool bringing guys around my friends right away? Bright side? Yeah.

Aside from epic dates, clean apartments, and car trouble... I have been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do about school. My original intention was to finish my associates degree here at the community college that I am currently attending, and then move somewhere (far far away, preferably) to get my bachelors. But, looking at school costs for out-of-state tuition, my brain pretty much exploded. So, I am now going to just apply to the several local south jersey colleges, and hope that I get into Rowan. It is cosiderably cheaper than a lot of other local universities (and incredibly cheaper than going out of state). Plus, it would mean that I can stay here in Jersey in this apartment for a few more years, and do what I am used to. While I highly doubt I will still be at the same job (because if I am, it will probably cause me to kill someone), I will at least be in an area that I am familiar with - and that I have actually come to enjoy. Plus, you know, the saving money thing would be great.

Today, I plan to spend some time reading my cards (oh how I need some divine direction right now, in all areas of my life), doing some crafty stuff (I have put my bow-making on hiatus, but seeing that I have spent a considerable amount of money on ribbon, this hiatus must stop), and at some point, I am sure I will end up chilling on the couch with the dogs on my lap, watching a chick-flick. Yeah, vacation is grand - even when it just consists of sitting around at home.

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