26 June 2011

When one door closes?

Well, my Pennsylvania trip was canceled. Because, well, it's pretty hard to drive a hundred and twenty miles when the tumbler in your car decides to finally crap out for good, and you can no longer turn the key (driving is hard, ya know, when you can not start the car). So, an email and a few texts later, the family and friends knew I would not be making it home for the weekend.

The car is now fixed (thanks to my own personal mechanic, and a ninety dollar tumbler from Auto Zone - hey, there went my vacation money), and I am spending the week at my own apartment. But it has been grand - puppy/kitty time, Alexis's 29th, headed to the beach today, and a date that has so far lasted oh, about thirty-three hours. Hmm.

Perhaps the card reading I got last month was accurate, eh? Oh Donnie, and his powers to see things.

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