23 June 2011

Poconos this weekend. Woo.

This weekend, I am heading up to my dad's. A good friend from high school is having a baby shower on Saturday, and I figured this would be a good week to take as vacation.

Is it bad that I feel guilty because I am leaving Champ (the oldest and largest dog - though he's only about twenty pounds) with a sitter? His sitter for the weekend is going to be his former owner (who is one of my best friends in the entire world, ever), but I feel so bad leaving my baby behind. Especially when the other two dogs get to come along (but, well, if he would stop attacking other dogs, he could come. The little shit, lol).

Napping for four hours this afternoon really threw off my day (especially since I meant to get a lot accomplished - like cleaning). And now here it is, midnight. Meaning that I need to get up in five and a half hours, work for eight hours (I think I may have acquired some overtime this week though... which might mean I get to leave a little early. I hope, hope, hope). I thought earlier today about waiting until Saturday morning to make the three hour drive. But then I found out that my nieces have some sort of recital tomorrow evening, so I am hoping to be out of Jersey by four, and hopefully not hit any horrible traffic on the way up (though I am pretty screwed. Either way I am going to hit either Philadelphia or Trenton. On a Friday afternoon. In the summer. Shit).

I have nothing of particular importance to write about, and the dogs are all laying around falling asleep, so I am going to go get them ready for bed and whatnot. Goodnight, world. :)


  1. It's definitely tough with dogs and vacations...it's always a big decision. I tend to try and stick with shorter trips/day trips. I know, they are like your "babies"...lol...

  2. Have fun at the Poconos! Friday traffic in Philly makes me want to pull my hair out. Especially rush hour going home...uggh!