19 July 2011

Remind Me

I have a ton of stuff going on in my life right now, from looking for a new job, to having to deal with bills and whatnot, to days of hanging out with amazing friends and/or cuddly pets. Instead, however, I am going to blog about just how much I now despise the song "Remind Me" by Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood.

This is not particularly fair of me, since it is an awesome song. Beautiful, in fact. Carrie, in particular, sounds amazing and the lyrics are stellar. But, I hate the song, probably more than I have ever hated any song in my life.

The other night I was driving around with the guy I am dating. Amazing guy. Amazing times together.He is hilarious and intelligent, and good-looking. And the fact that he is a Gemini and Catholic don't hurt either. So, there we are, driving around, listening to country music (which I have rediscovered just how much I love), and this song comes on. He mentions that he loves it. Perfect. So do I. But then he mentions that the reason he loves it is that it reminds him of his wife (he's separated. Why, oh why, do I always do this to myself?!). He turned it up. I told him that that made me want to turn the song off. On my drive down to Maryland in the wee small hours of the next morning, I heard it again. Dislike.

So, we were driving around a little bit ago (looking for a T-Mobile store, in an attempt to save my phone which has officially committed suicide. Funeral to follow), and the song comes on. I cringe, hope he doesn't realize what song is playing. But he does. And he turns it up. And my heart hurts a little, and I have to turn away and look out the window and hold back the tear that is trying to come back.

A general note: telling someone that a song reminds you of your ex and then being happy to hear it and sing along? Probably not a good idea. Unless, of course, the song is something like that "Bitch" song or "I'll Think of a Reason Later" or something that just generally screams that you're thrilled to be over. Because, quite frankly, hearing that a song about wanting someone to remind you how it used to be, when you were oh-so-in-love just doesn't bode well for the new date. Especially, in this case, when you were in a relationship with this person for several years, married six months, and only separated three months or so. No, this does not bode well for the new girl - who you don't even call your girlfriend yet - who kind of accidentally started falling in love with you (not that she plans on telling you this, as she knows that the L-word has fucked things up in the past).

On another note: I cleaned his kitchen yesterday while he was at work, and I had all day to sit around doing a whole lot of nothing. When he came home, he thanked me, but joked "but you didn't mop." I informed him that he was a jerk (while kissing him, of course, haha). To which he replied "yeah, but that's why you love me." A statement that I am sure was meant lightly, and not meant in the way it sounded. But all I could think was "fucking mind reader..."

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  1. Yeah someone should tell him that bringing up the whole ex thing in that way is not a good move...