05 August 2011

I desire a roadtrip

I am seriously considering taking a roadtrip before the summer is over. I feel the need to get away, discover something, find myself. You know, all of the things that I should have done when I was like eighteen. Though, I did have a hell of a lot of fun on concert roadtrips, yearly Nashville visits and the like. But this year, I don't know... so much is changing, and I feel like I need a few days or a week or so to just clear my head.

The only issue is going to be traveling with the dogs (I am down to two now, after finding Patches what seems like an adorable family via craigslist. Husband, wife, two young kids, big yard. Yeah, he's gonna be a happy mutt). They are angelic in the car (better than in the house, usually. Huh. I need to look into this nonsense). Pet-friendly hotels seem like they might be an alright option, so I will have to look into that. But sadly, that means that I will have to do more planning than I had originally hoped. "Get in the car and just drive" was seeming awfully appealing to me.

Nashville as a destination is absolutely an option. As is Florida. Or I could head the other way, and finally cross Maine and Rhode Island off of my list (which would mean I've hit every state this side of the Mississippi).

We shall see. Can I afford it? Not in the slightest. Do I need it? Oh, absolutely I do.

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