06 November 2011

eeny meeny miney mo...

I really wish I had some set path that I wanted to take. See, it's not that I can't find anything that I am interested in or passionate about - it's that I find too many things.

I am crafty. Recently, I taught myself to make cute hairbows for little girls. I want to sell them, along with crocheted things that I can make - I even set up a facebook for it, and am going to spend more time working on that.

I love to take pictures. For a long time, I have wanted to take pictures semi-professionally. Tomorrow, I have my first "photo shoot" to practice using my camera and capturing pictures of people.

Spanish comes easily to me, and I am probably making it my major in college. But I have no idea what I am going to do with it (other than, you know, speak Spanish). Teach? Work with immigrants? Translate? Not the foggiest idea.

I love to help people, and would love the idea of doing something with a non-profit organization. But which one? What would I do?

So, whoever figures out a way to combine these four things? You win a prize. The prize will be some percentage of my paycheck that start rolling in once I find this magical crafty/photographing/Spanish-speaking/helping people job.


  1. I think knowing Spanish could really come in handy when it comes to career options. You could be a teacher...either teaching Spanish-speaking individuals English, or actually teaching Spanish to American students. I have a friend who majored in French and I believe she just got her teaching certification...so I think she's doing something along those lines.

    As for combining it with photography and crafts...I have no idea! lol. But if you're able to bring in some extra income doing those things, then totally go for it!

    I don't even know what I want to do with my life...I have hobbies that I like but I'm not doing anything with them. I was just about to type up an entry similar to this one actually. haha!

  2. It is great you have so many interests, passions and talents! It's one thing to have passion, and an entirely other blessed thing to be talented at it :) I too deal with the same thing...so I think you need to address some things as more to personally fulfill yourself (more as a hobby that maybe here and there you can profit from it) and others that you dedicate or use to further your career.

    I'm sure you can relate when I say there just isn't enough time and resources to pursue everything thing I love! :) Continue to explore your passions, and you'll find it just comes into place... Remember - it is fulfilling, and healthy for your soul and heart, so don't stress too much about every aspect being a business venture ;)