18 January 2012

Stuff I love!

Since I have recently started a teeny tiny business (Daisy Madden, check it out), I have been checking out loads of other small businesses on facebook, and have found some really cute stuff. So, I thought I would share some of the ones I have found that are particularly neat/different/cute, in case anyone is interested in some awesome unique gifts.

TutuSweet Diva - adorable handmade sock monkeys! But not even your normal tradition brown/white/red monkeys. These monkeys are made out of adorable and funky socks, to make these adorable, funky, unique monkeys. I love them. I want one. I actually just emailed her to see if she can do a custom order for me. We will see!

Koobi Designs - pretty much the most adorable soap I have ever seen in my life! I actually ordered some lego men soap and elephant soap, waiting for it to come in. Actually pretty reasonable (I placed an order when she was having a half-price sale, and including shipping, I think I payed right around sixteen dollars for two sets of lego men soap, and two sets of elephant soap, and it's coming from Australia, so, not a bad deal at all!). Can't wait to get mine in the mail!

Hero on Your Arm - military bracelets, keyfobs, dog collars, etc. All personalized with your soldier's name on them. While I do not have any personal military connection, I adore these. Great for military wives/girlfriends, or military pooches. ;)

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