15 May 2012

Random weigh-in

Today's weight: 325 pounds.
Which means I am down 8.8 pounds since May 9th.
And 21.6 pounds since my heaviest weight last summer.
It doesn't seem like all that much since I have SO MUCH (125 pounds) left to lose. But, my dog Champ weighs right around 23 pounds. So, in theory, I have lost almost a Champ. THAT, to me, is huge. And in just this week, I've lost about a Kenzie, I think. I forget what her weight was. Madden is seven and a half pounds, so I have lost MORE than a Madden. Pretty excited!

1 comment:

  1. wow..8.8 is a way lot...congrats to you!!! keep up the great work!