14 May 2012

oh, NOW you can talk to me?

First, a photo, because everyone on facebook has been "liking" it, and I think I look quite pretty in it...

I imagine I would look quite good if I actually had my eyebrows waxed, and tossed a spot of makeup on, and ran a brush through my hair. But all of that being said, I love how I look here. And it is really nice to finally be at a point in my life where I don't despise everything about my physical being.

Second... I don't recall how much I talked about it on here if at all (and don't feel like going through all of my old blog posts to see, so I might bore you with the same information again), but: In March, I had an enormous crush on this guy. And when I say enormous crush, I mean, ENORMOUS crush. Like, biggest crush I have ever had on anyone ever in my life. Ever. The two boyfriends who I actually loved don't count as crushes, because I liked them for a brief time before we started dating and whatnot. So, I had this huge crush, and eventually mustered up the guts to sort of ask this guy out, via a really cute note, inspired by something that he said. Long story short, he told a friend of mine to ask me to back off because he has a fiancee (you can't see me right now, but I am ROLLING MY EYES). So, I did. Haven't said much at all to him since Easter when this happened, except things I needed to say to him for work, or "hi."

So fast-forward to yesterday. I stopped to ask him a question about something work-related and my potential transfer out of the store. And we just talked for probably a good fifteen minutes or so. Later on, he really came over and talked to me and one of my besties for a ridiculously long amount of time. It was as if the last month never happened, as if I never awkwardly asked him out, as if he was never freaked out by the fact that I was pushing too hard.

I guess all I had to do to get him to talk to me again was to tell him that I am leaving. What a shame.


  1. First off, the pic is gorgeous (I do believe I "liked" it on fb).. second, it's his loss. I know, it sucks, esp since NOW he'll talk to you. But if he's happy with Pwincess then oh well, he just lost out on the best thing he could've ever had.

  2. First off, thank you dearie!
    Second off, I KNOW, RIGHT?! I legitimately hope he is happy with her or whatever. If he is, that's great. It just doesn't seem like he is, and well, whatever. One of my many goals is to lose the weight and come back looking AMAZING and be like "Ohhh right, you could have had this!"