14 May 2012

Some things to look forward to

I made a few minor decisions today:

If/when I get my work transfer and leave New Jersey, on my last day of work I am going to tell a few people a few things: I am going to tell one person that they are rude and ignorant, and the fact that they tell me I have an attitude is absolutely laughable considering what a rotten bitch they act like. And I am going to tell another person that I had the biggest crush on them that I have ever had on anyone in my entire life. And that he knew he could have had me if he wanted me, but that he missed out. And that I hope he is happy with the life he chose (I am going to even try to sound sincere on that last bit).

And when I lose the weight that I want to lose, I am going to do a few things: I am going to get a tattoo on my hip, because I think that is such a cute, sexy spot to get a tattoo, but it is something that I would never ever do being so overweight. And then, since I intend to live far away by then, I am going to come back to New Jersey, looking all pretty, and go to the aforementioned guy and flirt so hard that his jaw hits the ground. And I will remind him that he could have had me before.

Note: The guy who I am going to do this to has never made any comment that I am unattractive or fat or anything. In fact, he apparently digs fat girls, and he has told people that he finds me attractive apparently. But still. I want to look stunning when I come back. Absolutely stunning. And sort of rub it in his face. In a totally polite and professional way, of course. Of course. ;)

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