26 May 2012

Stupid google.

I really wish I wouldn't have random off-the-wall pregnancy symptoms from time to time. Really annoying. Especially when they make me get my hopes up, only to find out that "hey, no, you aren't pregnant! False alarm!" I googled my random symptom to figure out what the heck was wrong with me. "What does it mean if this is wrong with me?" Every single result revolved around being pregnant. And I thought "Okay, that's fine. But it's not possible because I wouldn't have this symptom this early on..." And then I read some of the pages about it, that said "Oh, so that was the first symptom to show up, and it showed up about two days after conception." Yeah. Not cool, google. Not cool.

Not that being pregnant would be at all of a good idea right now (it would be a bad idea, actually. A really, really bad idea. It's just... not time. Though a dear friend told me that she thinks I will be pregnant in the next eighteen months. Hmm). Though if I was? Yeah, that would be pretty awesome. And I guess that extra bedroom in the house I am trying to get would come in handy for a little munchkin.

I would like to point out that I have had a dozen or so false alarms. Late periods, random weird symptoms. And it (obviously) has never come to be. I am fairly certain I can't get pregnant, lol, so I'm sure this is nothing. I just want to punch google in the face. You know. If it was a person.

In other news... watching "Friends" is my new random pastime. I bought the first two seasons, and have gone through them in about a week. I love love love Monica and Richard together. It makes me really sad that they didn't work out. Damn him for not wanting a baby. And damn older men for being so damn attractive but never wanting babies. Muah ha ha.

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  1. yea...you can end up dead practicing some of the google recommendations!! all the information has to be taken with a grain of salt.