15 June 2012

fingers crossed

Well, my pregnancy symptoms were a false alarm. At first, I was upset. Now, I am relieved. BEYOND relieved.

And... my dream position is available at my store. I am applying for it (a nice promotion and raise) after being encouraged by several co-workers and friends to just go for it - including encouragement from the one person in the world whose opinion I value the most. Funny how when this happened, I realized I wanted to stay.

That being said - if I don't get the promotion, I can't afford to stay in Jersey, and I will leave. But my gosh. Suddenly I can see all I want and need in this world in front of me. Fingers are crossed, toes are crossed, prayers are going up constantly. God is so tired of hearing from me so much this last month or so I am sure. I am sure he is wondering where my head is, because my thoughts and prayers are all over the place.


  1. you just next know what will happen next...think positively!!
    and good luck!

  2. I miss you and it will happen when its meant to happen. As far as a job opening, did you get it... ?